2005:    7-01-05: Patti Summers Cabaret / Pike Place Market w/ Via Ventura
06-25-05:  Gay Pride Festival - The Wild Rose Beer Garden w/ The Nasty Habits, LD & The Pretty                 Pretties, The Spazms, Secret Civilians, Ms. Led, KUMA, Tracy & The Plastics, and The Gossip
05-29-05:   Folklife Festival - Teen Spirit All Ages Show - Bagley Lawn Stage - w/ Snitches Get
                 Stitches and Mon Frere

04-16-05:   Patti Summers Cabaret/ Pike Place Market w/ The Damies and Gi Gi
03-26-05:  The Lobo Saloon w/ Rat City Ruckus and Pin Pon Dash (Japan/Seattle)
03-25-05:   Rock-School / Rockergrl Magazine Benefit - All Ages - Old Redmond Firehouse - w/
Ms. Led, KUMA, and Mon Frere
03-13-05:  The Sunset Tavern 4 o'clock Rock w/ Neutral Boy and Cockfight
02-12-05:  The Rainbow w/ Via Ventura and Birdmonster (San Fran)
01-04-05:  The Rendezvous - Bad Fruit Benefit (with Ghost Bot)
GAY PRIDE FESTIVAL, The Wild Rose Bar Beer Garden, Pike Street (w/ The Catch,
                Amazombies, The Queen Bees, Vancouver Drag Kings, March Lions, DJ Lady
                Jane, and DJ's Amateur Youth and Master Stan)

07-31-04:  The Rendezvous


01-05-01:  The Rendezvous


12-00-00:  The Rendezvous (w/
The Grumpus Ensemble, Seattle)
Undated Shows of 2000
Zak's, 5th Avenue


04-06-99:  The Showbox, 1st Avenue (w/
The Kung Fu Grip, S.F.)
Undated Shows of 1999
Gibson's, 2nd Avenue
Zak's, 5th Avenue
Graceland, Eastlake Avenue


02-04-98:  Uncle Rocky's Place, Pike Street (w/
The Goddess Kring, Seattle)
03-13-98:  Zak's, 5th Avenue
03-14-98:  Gibson's, 2nd Avenue
09-15-98:  The Ballard Firehouse
10-16-98:  Zak's

Undated Shows of 1998
The Re-Bar (w/
Bend Sinister and The Pointy Birds, Seattle)


01-31-97:  Gibson's, 2nd Avenue, (w/
Bloodhag and Onion, Seattle)
04-19-97:  Gibson's, 2nd Avenue

Undated Shows of 1997
The Re-Bar



05-03-95:  Rhino Records, Main Street, New Paltz
07-00-95:  Poughkeepsie Public House, Poughkeepsie
10-00-95:  The Sleeping Turtle Cafe, New Paltz
12-09-95:  The Rhinecliff Hotel, Rhinecliff
12-16-95:  Beer Distributor, Main Street, New Paltz
12-17-95:  The Pyramid Club, Avenue A, New York City

Undated Shows of 1995
The Griffon, Battle of the Bands, New Paltz


03-05-94:  Cosmos, Main Street, New Paltz (w/ The Failures and Junk In The Trunk)
05-06-94:  Beer Distributor, Main Street, New Paltz
05-14-94:  Cosmos, Main Street, New Paltz
06-18-94:  Snug Harbor, Main Street, New Paltz
07-00-94:  The Kung Fu Grip Eviction Party, Church Street, New Paltz
08-00-94:  Street Level, Houston Street, New York City
08-03-94:  Rhino Records, Main Street, New Paltz
08-03-94:  Cabaloosa, Main Street, New Paltz
10-18-94:  The Pyramid Club, Avenue A, New York City
10-21-94:  Heart and Soul, Main Street, New Paltz
12-08-94:  Heart and Soul, Main Street, New Paltz
12-09-94:  The Goat Room, New Paltz, (w/ The Donner Party)

Undated Shows of 1994
Snug Harbor, New Paltz, (w/ Jonas Grumby)
Cabaloosa, New Paltz, (w/ Jonas Grumby)
55 Main Street, New Paltz, (w/ Fidoplankton)
Above David's Cookies, New Paltz
Above Infinity at Mike Krynski's apartment (w/ Poureurik)


October:   First Show, 8 Millrock Road, New Paltz
12-13-93:  New Years Eve, 8 Millrock Road, New Palt