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Eartha Kitt died on Christmas, and although I'd like her to still be here, now I'll pair the two together for the rest of my life.  In honor of the holiday, here's Santa Baby, and one of my favorites: "I Want To Be Evil".  "Uska Dara" was one of her first hits, and I can see Siouxsie singing it in a cabaret somewhere. Here's an account of her spat with Lady Bird Johnson, and a CATWOMAN clip.
My favorite
CATWOMAN (what a picture!)!!!

Who doesn't love
Grace Slick? First, there was Jefferson Airplane and her early years as an acid-inspired chanteuse.  Then the 80's brought Starship, and their terrible 80's hits.  Don't forget Grace's stint as a Guest-VJ on MTV.  In the 90's, there were continued tales of her drug-crazed and burnt-out antics. And today, where, in these clips, you can see an older Grace, looking a bit more like an older Ann B. Davis, as she reflects about painting and her very 60's plot to dose Richard Nixon with LSD.
Some Quick Links:
DIANE SAWYER a little sloshed after the inauguration. I love this montage!
My favorite LILY TOMLIN Behind-the-scenes footage. Of course, I can relate.

I became obsessed with Dean Martin about 5 years ago after watching, and re-watching, the late-night infomercial hosted by Regis Philbin for
the Dean Martin Variety Show DVD Collection as if it were a real TV show.  I wound up buying most of the collection (thanks to my MasterCard) and fell in love with Dean and his guest stars.  This sent me on various Dean-related adventures, one of which was a trip to Los Angeles to buy a pair of shoes made by DiFabrizio, the Shoemaker to Dean, and the Stars! After a phone call to DiFabrizio himself, I found out that his once famous shoestore was now a cheap nail salon and that Mr. DiFabrizio was setting up private appointments that cost thousands, so I passed on the venture, happy to have talked to the kind, old Italian on the phone.

Dean Martin is everything I love in an entertainer: affable, unpolished, unrehearsed and...seemingly drunk.

Here are some skits with
an aging Gene Kelly, a very handsome Bob Newhart (who, in his youth, always reminded me of Jason Priestley), Woody Allen,  and a great Dean, Frank and Judy clip.