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Let's go back to CONEY ISLAND in the 40's with this great little semi-Yiddish Andrew Sisters rip-off. Here's the same footage with interesting facts about the eccentric seaside amusement town. Those old rides seem awfully dangerous!!

I started looking for old NYC films, and found this MTA ad pushing people to
take the SUBWAY SPECIAL to The WORLD'S FAIR in 1964-65.

In case you didn't know how to shoot heroin, or properly smoke
The Reefer, check out this VICE SQUAD NARCOTIC TRAINING VIDEO from 1951. It's very informative. Also, here is an informative movie about ACID and Hot Dogs. (They apparently don't mix.) This kid seemed to have a different experience, but then again, he mentions nothing of murdering a Hot Dog.

Just found a great
U-68 promo from 1985. Check out my U68 story here or on the STORIES page!

Watch KATE PIERSON and Rufus
teaching you how RUDE it is TO BE LATE

When I was a kid I loved WACKY PACKAGES cards. Here's a website devoted to them!

ANN MAGNUSON loves animals!!

DINA MARTINA, Seattle's wonderfully delusional female entertainer, at Wigstock singing The Devil Went Down To Georgia.

Oh, Stevie! If you love STEVIE NICKS like I do, Check out this early MTV interview. Gotta love cocaine!!
Here's some
old CSNY footage.

I recently met Carole and Paula from THE MAGIC GARDEN, my FAVORITE kids show of all time. I'll post a picture of us together soon. Here's the
weird little song that played when they went to the STORY BOX.

Doug, Dave and I recently went on a day-trip to
Six Flags Great Adventure. I hadn't been there in close to 20 years, and have been obsessed with it since the first time I went there, in Junior High School, and recorded my own version of Ghostbusters by Ray Parker, Jr. The rides now are nothing that i could have even imagined in 1983. I fell in love with the record-breaking El Toro, and watched Dave and Doug brave Kingda Ka. Kingda Ka accelerates to 124mph in 3 seconds, and jettisons you 45-stories straight up, then straight down; an awe-inspiring sight! Sometimes, it ROLLS BACK because of wind or rain, and check this TERROR COASTER moment where it gets stuck. Awe-inspiring, but not enough to get me on it!  The other coasters I found particularly horrifying are Nitro and Medusa. There are  interesting Amusement Park vids on YouTube, including the never-offensive and always nostalgic, Log Flume, but I refuse to look at the Roller Coaster Fatality posts. I'd like to keep those in my dark and under-medicated imagination.

Maria and I were, are, and forever will be, obsessed with QVC. My obsession started in High School and skyrocketed in the early 90's when Maria and I would go to the TV lounge of our SUNY New Paltz dorm, with munchies in tow, and curl up on the rubber and plastic couches to watch the
hand models show off the always affordable fashion rings. Later, after moving off campus, we spent countless nights WISHING we were as drunk or stoned as Mike Rowe as he attempted to sell Cat Toys, Lava Lamps, Noah's Arc Inspired Pocket Books, and Dickies. He wooed us with his singing, as well as unhealthy, in-debt doll lovers!! Enjoy the clips, as well as this gem from the ever-evangelical Jeanne Byce.  Quack! Quack!

I just saw
Harold and Maude (1971) after years of subconciously putting it off. I always loved the soundtrack, and knew alot about the movie before I saw it. TROUBLE has become one of my favorite songs, and reminds me of many things...the best of which is driving around Seattle with The Queen ... Ms.  Boudreaux. I should have seen it in 1988, when I was introduced to it because it was one of Natalie Merchant's favorites...and I was a nerdy 10,ooo maniac-o-phile. (here's Cat Stevens' version!!) She loved Ruth Gordon...she's so out there! ...who wouldn't?  Around the same time I should have seen the movie, I was obsessed with the idea of recording smells, so the Smell Machine that's in Maude's apartment sent me to an especially perfect place. What a great movie!