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All the angels I have seen
Through sun-burnt eyes
Were only men
Like you…and me

Every scene was over played
Every act, poorly portrayed
Despite the expensive abuse, each sentence was cheap
and finally undermined the performance

The third time was a wake-up call
To sit up straight, swallow youth and shock absorb.

Touch the bruises and tear the skin
Where music burned
Where we live
Again and again

My stomach was stuck in my throat,
The Bitter betrayed
I walked with a knife and a hammer
Inside of my coat
Calculated, deployed
It just erased
While we thought that it cleaned,
It only destroyed

No one knows my poison kiss
Locked behind my stapled lips
How courteous my grinding teeth are
How humane my death stare is

Through each deep breath
Each bead of sweat
Each powder keg
Every severed leg
Every muted verse
Every silent ancient curse

Oh no
I didn’t make that mistake
Again / And this time
Not even for a friend

No one knows!

I think I just punished myself
by giving too much
of my “poetic wealth”
to an actor who dreamed
of anyone’s self.
to one so inspired
by anyone’s fire.
A rhythm that skipped
came off as a liar.

I punished myself
with my untamed mouth.
with the lines that I wrote
screamed from my ulcered throat.

I punished myself with my back alley touch.
and the silence I stirred.
My cock and my crutch.

I punished myself with my vitamin breath
a beautiful harmony sung in discordant death.
An actor who failed to see her lines as bored.
Music to my ears; I struck the wrong chord.
(the OLD, original) BEAUTIFUL BEAST

My vices all laid like an altar of braces
Chilled by the wind
twenty below
It’s not nearly as low
as I know I can go.
A deep hole and silent shout is all that’s let out.

How high can you be?
the boiling yeast?
Take every side street.
Take the Beautiful Beast.

Did I cheat by claiming my place…
When I calculated the drunk on your face?
Or, just play my part when I saw pain on your heart?
When every purple, wound up grey,
I didn’t leave.

I’m just away.

Why did you think you knew what you hated and what hated you?
and did you ever even fly?

Greenwich time, last lullaby
Men asleep in fire or lime
Pick a path

No parade, no good-bye
No parade, no good-bye