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we inhaled and impaled
our iron lung
defamed short breath
with broken grace
and swollen tongue

lung whistle sound
in harmony
a pitch mistaken for a wheeze

agreed to suck
agreed to squeeze
agreed to pray
(with dismal hope)
to fill our lungs capacity

a tunnel's rapid flood
with lead and pus
foam thick as mud
massive pressure pressed on

metal crash safety unlocked
manic speed master shocked
guard  to  hundred   mph
flown and flattened
down to the rocks
    electric bolts of lightning
    ferris wheel turned into speed
    felt the speed of a tornado
    killing those vultures to feed
cathouse spun
tore tracks to pummel
losing time rushed into dark
amusement man:

"a rush sent them my way"
broke their world
in our terror park
      take my sled take my toboggan
      loosen screws let christians frown
      blow the heads off all the creeps
     flood the flume let children drown
gravity held all the crowds in
roller coa
ster without bars
upsidedown to fall into tracks
crushed to death by coaster cars

employed by the union trade
Stella Corona local 145
astral magnetic guilded thrones were made
to orbit  kingdom  III
in system  
VI    00    IX

space age wage barely
pays our way
so we stay
for the travel time

the capsule's time clock
slows against the speed
jettisoned our produce
punch the proper dream

Stella Corona
scuba diving team
in system 
VI  00  IX

astral projected scuba dive through space
for our vacation time

a bevelled rod
its horse hair strung
produced kahlua

the ghettoed life
inspector hung
where no laughs meet
a cloudless seam

it's hard to smile when you go
from pergatory down below

we want no jobs
to pay no bills
her violin will send its chills
around our mouth
our packrat mind
i'll go with you
(i've tagged along)
forsake my view and
hastened pride
Sausage, here i have no song

i've wished away from k to 5
from 6 to 8
from 9 to 12
then saturated wasted time
and prayed for me
a bigger self

mannequin pose perfect pancake base foundation for a foreground maintain balance for strokes serving thick  lines almost measured for the circus its attraction demands an  attention unequal  to another era

brown doe eyes set stares to fix upon a pleasure on painted plastic
an upper lid can carry her alone into a room

white lips blending to assure a noticed stance its part in canvas
based a place to adhere many lines atop human protection
wider stared brown doe eyes

an upper lid can carry her alone into a window doe eyed
and carry her alone, alone into a room

i will not sympathize with the look in your eyes
i will not sympathize with the look
in your dull grey eyes

five hundred bucks
a car driven from its route
lesions turn from grey to blue
you killed your mother
your mother killed you
after the dance
of violent fits in other rooms

when declared we've nothing left to give
but offerings of useless perfumed soap
and cell blocks
we've all lost some time to live
it seems we've all been losing hope